An initiative to promote education for the under privileged by HAMDAM



Hamdam Paper Products (Private) Limited is one of the leading Paper Products Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan. The company is incorporated under Companies Ordinance 1984 with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Company is well known in the local market for our premium quality products, and established a reputation all over Pakistan. Now the organization is hopeful and ready to move forward and serve the Global Market. 

HB’s products are already being popular in UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they have authorized representatives in both the countries. 

The Brand H.B. is the oldest and the most popular Brand for Paper Products, in Pakistan.




Our mission is to provide premium quality standard products, at the lowest possible rates, to promote education in Pakistan, and to use their expertise to satisfy, every customer.


The vision of the corporation is to promote and establish HAMDAM PAPER PRODUCTS (PRIVATE) LIMITED as one of the most trusted and quality oriented paper product manufacturing company having a distinctive position in Local and International Markets.




Right now Hamdam is coming up with an initiative to promote education. We will help those charities and institutions who are providing free education to the underprivileged.

We will be providing free paper products to the institutes and organizations who are working for the betterment of society.

The contract will be long term with the aim of providing quality services to those who can’t afford.

The products provided for this aim will be of finest quality to decrease the discrimination of society. We seek to ensure that even the underprivileged are given the best of services and products.

So our organization would like to announce that we will be providing free paper products.(upto One lac free stationery sheets). The contract will be given to those organizations and social groups who are working to provide education.

All such institutions are encouraged to contact us in this regard and we assure to provide the best of our services to them.


Any such organization can contact Hamdam at any of the following locations








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