Nepalese Sabziwali after Pakistani Chai Wala – Social Media is crazy


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We all know about “Arshad Khan” whose picture became viral and he ended up becoming a model. Someone recently came up with a Nepalese Tarkariwali *Sabziwali” who looks a bit like Shraddha Kapoor. She is indeed a mixture of beauty and hardwork.

via: indian express
via: indian express

The pictures of this pretty grocer are captured by Mr Rupchandran Maharjan. Good thing is that the pictures were taken after the consent of the pretty girl.


via: gunduruk post
via: gunduruk post

Her name is Kusum Shrestha. She is from Gorkha district in West Nepal. Her parents are ordinary people who earn living through farming and Kusum helps her parents in selling vegetables after her studies. Oh yes she is a student of Management at nearby School.

Well the basic information is pretty much mentioned above. But that is not the actual reason for writing this piece.



I support feminism and rights of women but I have also seen the hypocrisy and dual standards. We all remember when the Chai Wala, Arshad Khan became viral. Girls were drooling over him and he was even trending worldwide. Girls were seen giving him erotic titles and some were even seen being really disrespectful.

Now imagine what will happen if a guy starts doing the same for this girl? He will be referred to as pervert, tharki cheap and what not. Feminists will be hyperactive against him and a high number of keyboard warriors will start taking screenshots.

Well this is something which needs to be understood by all the feminists. JUST BE UNBIASED.




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