Lahore se Aagey . . . The most honest review after the premier


Me and my gang was present at Nueplex last night for the premier of LAHORE SE AAGEY . After watching the promising movies like “Actor in Law” and “Janaan” we were really motivated for the movie.

The trailer of Lahore se Aagey made us wait for the movie since long and I was expecting something reaching the level of Jab We Met. We actually liked Karachi se Lahore and it was a good one so we were expecting something even better.

Now I am coming toward the review but please keep in mind that I am not a critic. I am just an ordinary man with his personal views in layman terms. You may disagree with me.

via: webchutney
via: webchutney


The movie lacked only one thing. . . “EVERYTHING”

Believe me this one is the most senseless movie ever made. You can put this movie in the category of HUMSHAKALS and HIMMATWALA. Saba Qamar is a versatile actor and we never expected her to accept such a movie.

via: geo pakistan
via: geo pakistan


Once again I would like to remind that you should not read it if you are afraid of spoilers.

The movie started with two loser type of dons or something like that following Yasir Hussain because they wanted to kill him. *1st UNWANTED SONG CAME*

One of the don was Pathan who could only speak tooti phooti English and Pushtu. The other Don was impersonating Amitabh Bachchan. They both tried to be funny but failed. I have no idea why the dons were so lousy type and believe me the movie could be made without them.


So to save himself from the loser dons, Yasir had to run away. He later landed at a concert where Saba Qamar was performing as a singer. *2nd UNWANTED SONG CAME* I will comment on the music later on.


Saba Qamar is shown as an aspiring singer with big dreams. She broke up with her fiance after the concert because he won’t let her wear torn jeans and chotay kapray.

via: geo pakistan
via: geo pakistan

Her fiance looked like the other guy from Ufone TV commercials. Anyway she broke up with him and wore the same jeans and shirt throughout 99% of the movie time. I know the clothes are usually the same in a road movie but still :s

Anyway after breakup she moved forward and was traveling to Islamabad for some talent show when her car bumped in Yasir Hussain and he asked for lift.


He further revealed that he was going to SWAT to meet his mamu who wanna give him his whole property. He told her that the dons will also kill her as she helped him.

She dumped him on the road because he was misbehaving but she later came back to pick her when she saw how dangerous those stupid villains were.


On the way her petrol finished and they had to camp in a jungle where they encountered a group of tribal people commonly known as AADI WAASI.


Now let me be very very honest. This was the moment me and my friends decided to leave. You really don’t have to be senseless to make a comedy movie. Tribal women were wearing shiny maxis and the men were half naked. The king of tribal people understood urdu and 15 mins of dragged dialogues were witnessed here. *A SERIES OF UNWANTED SONGS* was given here which was sort of a dance battle. I wish there was an emergency exit under our seats or an eject buttons so we could save ourselves from the pile of shit.


Both developed feelings for each other. All this happened within 12 hours of meeting on road on the same day Saba Qamar broke up with her boyfriend. BRAVO. Way to go dude you are really fast and I was in the friendzone for 3 years before I could propose my girl.

The next day she dumped him for the same boyfriend who didn’t allow her to wear chotay kapray and phati hui jeans. But just after an hour she decided to go back to Yasir.


This time Yasir was found at a Kotha where he went to see some mujra and stuff but something BLEH happened and Saba Qamar decided to perform that mujra for him. Believe me there was no reason for her to do that still she did that.

*ANOTHER UNWANTED SONG* we got a cameo of Atiqa Odho here as the owner of that Kotha.


The unwanted song was a failed attempt to recreate “Ghagra song from Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani”.



Anyway after that unwanted Mujra Song they were pretty much shown in love roaming here and there like a lovey dovey couple. I have absolutely no idea why they were running here and there.


Wait wait wait I forgot to tell the most unimportant and weirdest part. The unwanted song which started only after 30 seconds of mujra was sung by a kid and we all were wondering why this useless waste of space white color pencil type of kid is being shown so much times (we found out later).



Anyway during the useless song for the first time in the movie Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain were seen in different dresses for a few seconds



Then finally they reached Mamu’s place who was Behroze Sabzwari. I expected some interesting turn of events but was disappointed when even he was acting weird and lame.


There we found out that Rubina Ashraf from Pas-e-Ayena is the Mrs. Mamu trying to kill Yasir because of jayedaad. The pathan and third class Amitabh were actually sent by Mami.


Anyway after a lot of overacting and drama Yasir acted as a douchebag and made Saba leave him for no reason. Saba went to Islamabad for the Talent Show


Then he called that kid named Zeezu for advise who was singing that useless song. And now we found out why he was being promoted so much for no reason. That kid is the son of Wajahat Rauf the director and producer of the movie.

From the back seat i heard someone saying “Matlab yeh director ka beta hai to isko zabardasti dekhain? Nahi dekhna bhai humein isko”

Anyway after the useless advise he gave his whole property to Mami and left to get back to Saba Qamar.


On his way to Islamabad he was abducted by the shitty dons. Robina Ashraf called them to back off but they refused for another lousy reason. So Mamu amd Mami decided to be vigilantes to save their nephew.

Now the picture you are going to see will prove how much pile of shit the movie was


The third class Amitabh now tried his best to be funny but in vain.


Finally Yasir was saved by his Mamu and Mami and all three of them left for Islamabad together from Swat.

On the other hand Saba Qamar was sad at the talent hunt. To make the movie hit a cameo was given to Shiraz Uppal, Komal Rizvi and Gohar as the judges of talent hunt.


Finally the only good thing of the movie happened a came of our Rockstar ALI ZAFAR was given.


Ali tried to console Saba Qamar and then she performed there (A necessary song performance here) at the end of which Yasir came on stage to propose her (A predictable end)




Now let me tell you something. Back in I guess 2006 or 2007 Awarapan was the first Bollywood movie to release in Pakistan after a long time so I went to Capri Cinema to watch that movie. But the show was sold out so I watched MOHABBATAN SACHCHIAN. It had 11 songs all in Punjabi and I wasn’t able to understand a single one.

It felt the same while watching Lahore se Aagey . All the songs felt the same and I can’t remember a single one of them. Please don’t think I am only criticizing Pakistani movies because I loved the songs of Actor in Law but Lahore se Aagey made me realize that we are seriously wayyyyyy behind in Commercial Music.



Majid’s IMDB rating for Lahore se Aagey is 4 out of 10. 4 points only for the cinematography, locations and efforts.

I apologize to all who may feel offended due to whatever is written but I wrote what a normal guy will feel while watching this movie.






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