The unfinished work of Late Amjad Sabri – Alee Pervaiz


We all have Late Amjad Sabri in our hearts and we can never forget him . The sudden departure of Amjad Sabri Sahab shocked us and created a hollow space which we are still unable to fill.


We recently got in touch with Mr. Alee Pervaiz who was recording the last song with Late Amjad Sabri Sb before his martyrdom.


New Pakistani talent, Ali Pervez finally launched his impressive debut song “Dil hi dil mein” paying a tribute to the Legendary Late Qawwal Amjad Sabri.


The song is all about love and it depicts the sorrows of Romeo for his Juliet.

This track is an incomplete project with Amjad Sabri having his emotional vocals, due to his sudden demise. The video song is directed by Jalaluddin Roomi in a very exquisite way.


Lets hear what Mr. Alee Pervaiz have to say here:

“The artist, Yusuf Bashir Qureshi, has portrayed remarkable artwork which enhanced the beauty of the video. “Music is my passion, I sing to fulfill it.” Well what a simple yet heartwarming thought. I started writing this song in Jan 2016 and I wanted to interact with some Qawwal so I contacted Mr Amjad. What a humble personality! What a beautiful vocalist! On my very first call he agreed to record DIL HE DIL MEIN with me and he loved the idea and song lyrics. It was a wonderful experience working with the legend and a great vocalist of Pakistan. Unfortunately before the video he left us that’s why it’s an incomplete project with him. This song is a tribute to Him from Ali pervez



The link to the complete song is s follows

copy and paste the above link in your browser and enjoy the song. . . Don’t forget to like, comment and share the song 🙂





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