Dobara Phir Se – The honest review by Majid Khan


After watching “Lahore se Aagey” I was quite disappointed. So I wasn’t expecting much from DOBARA PHIR SE. But the experience was quite surprising.

via: my pakistan
via: my pakistan

I went specially for Hareem Farooq as I have a big crush on her.

The movie revolved around the story of Zainab (Hareem) who is mother of an 8 year old boy.


Hammad (Adeel Hussain) met her at a party organized by Vaasay (Ali Kazmi) and Saman (Sanam Saeed). Zainab was going through a divorce at that time and Hammad on the other hand was working to establish his restaurant with Vaasay.


First of all this is to be kept in mind that Dobara Phir Se is a movie which shows the modern era and the city of New York. Drinking and relationships are integral part of the movie so the movie is not gonna please conservatives ready with fatwas.

The movie showed the circumstances of faced by someone who want to move on after an unsuccessful marriage. The story is impressive and the acting is up to the mark. At some points the movie gave me feels from Dil Chahta Hai and at some moments it reminded me of Zindagi naa Milegi Dobara.



The story is captivating but may feel a bit slow after first 50 minutes. But you will continue watching it to find out what happens next, The urban life of overseas Pakistanis is shown perfectly.

Won’t be commenting about the acting of Sanam Saeed as we all know how talented she is. Sanam Saeed and Ali Kazmi look good together and the chemistry is great. The proposal scene of Ali and Sanam is adorable and you will suddenly wish to be in their place. 


The  year old Moosa Rabbani who played Zaid (Son of Zainab) is one of the best things from the movie. He is adorable and talented. A deadly combination. I can bet he is going to be the next Fawad Khan.



The title track is mesmerizing and you won’t get bore even after listening to it on loop. The wedding song “Larr gaiyyan” is quite catchy and gave a refreshing touch during the movie.


Watch this movie if you wanna spend some time watching high quality stuff. But this movie is not for you if you want movies like Chennai Express and Singham.


Okay fine we know that brand endorsement is part of movies but I never knew that all the Pakistanis in New York were using Q-Mobile and eat Oye Hoye chips all the time.



Please note that I am not a critic. I am just an ordinary guy who goes to cinema on weekend to spend some quality time. I cannot comment about the technical details of the movie as I am not an expert. 


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