Farewell General Raheel Sharif – We can never thank you enough


We are about to say farewell to the most loved Chief of Army in the history of Pakistan General Raheel Sharif. Twitter once again went nuts and for the last time we are witnessing the trend saying “THANK  YOU RAHEEL SHARIF”

For the last 3-4 years we have witnessed this dialogue as the favorite slogan of Pakistanis. But this is the last time we are witnessing this trend. His departure is indeed a sad day for patriots. We are never gonna forget his contribution to eliminate terrorism. 

Lets see what people have to say about it 


The Salahuddin and Pyare Afzal




Some people will always try to be funny









In the end I would like to say that indeed General Raheel Sharif is the most loved person in Pakistan. But we have full confident in General Bajwa and we wish him best of luck for the upcoming era. We are sure he is going to perform his duties to the best of his abilities. We are proud of Pakistan army. 



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