Arshad Khan in a music video – Believe me its a shitty song

Arshad Khan aka Chai Wala

Arshad Khan aka “Chai Wala” from Islamabad rose to sudden fame when his picture went viral. Here we are not going to refer to him as CHAI WALA again because he got a proper name Arshad Khan. Anyway he is the perfect example of “Allah chahy to kisi ke bhi naseeb badal sakta hai”. He was even trending worldwide for a while.

Via Facebook: gmponarydigital
Via Facebook: gmponarydigital

For the past few days we were hearing news about him getting modeling offers but yesterday his first music video was released. I supported Arshad Khan and everything but to be honest the video song featuring Arshad Khan is the shittiest rap i have ever seen.


The senseless rap and idiotic music was a torture to bear. Pakistani music industry is at its prime right now. General public including me were not expecting something of this quality. We have seen a bit road and cheap rap from Billy X in Juttni and Kurti. But this rap was something unbearable.

Apart from what the star charged for this song I think the whole video was made in the budget of Rs. 10,000. I would advice not to but if you still wanna listen to the pile of crap of the song here it is below




Believe me I am not the only one who says its a shitty song. You will say the same after listening to it. 




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