Urwa HOCANE is now a singer. . . 2016 is indeed a strange year

We have no doubt about the talent of Urwa Hocane. Loved her in Udaari and the cause behind the serial was sensitive. She is indeed a beautiful lady and I am sure she will witness the peak of success in Pakistan.


via: fashion universe
via: fashion universe

Her fiance Farhan Saeed is a sensational singer but I could never imagine Urwa as a singer. 2016 resulted to be a strange year. First we witnessed Mehwish Hayat singing in Coke Studio and now this is a shocking news for us.

I am not gonna comment on her surr and taal because I have minimum knowledge of that sector. Another reason is that I am in love with Mawra so I can’t say anything bad about her sister so I am just gonna share what others have to say about this cong.






Now this one is a great advice 😀


Let us know what you think of her song.




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