7 Things About Winter That Only A Karachiite Can Relate

Winter never takes Karachi seriously. Its arrival is close to that “Aunty” who visits you every day for a while and spoils the whole day routine for no reason. The only difference you may discover is, the winter is much awaited! *No offense Aunties*

People in Karachi are always ready to embrace the fall season for its blissful pleasures like froth of coffee, warmth of soup, sweetness of gajar ka halwa, and rusty smell of peanuts.

So, here we take a slide over some of the facts that will surely make you say “Amen!”

You may get rid of Lawn for some time *phew*        

It won’t be wrong saying that it is the interval of summer and you finally escape away from Lawn for at least some time. Mommies be like “Sardi k kapray nikalnay hain k nahi?” And who doesn’t want a change in life however it is merely a variation in the fabric that you wear.


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And nothing beats the happiness of finding money in an old jacket.

November goes with the dilemma “If you need the fan or not”

The month passes by figuring out the need of fan all the time, especially at night. The fan regulator also comes into practice when two siblings in the same room keep on fighting over its speed every night. If one likes a low-speed, the other one prefers to cuddle in blanket at a high-speed fan.


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All thanks to moody weather of Karachi.

The family comes under one blanket to take a joy of freshly roasted peanuts

A little chilly weather brings family closer. They snuggle under blankets to get warm and enjoy the truly healthy and sumptuous dry fruit (peanuts) of the season. As the sound of moong phalli wala is heard in the streets of Karachi who can resist taking pleasure of the season with such cheap specialty.


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Once you pop, you can’t stop, dude!

Fresh Oranges become the fruit of season

It is true that no winter in Pakistan is complete without fresh oranges. Karachiites, at the same time, make their own part in consuming such an organic, fresh, and economic seasonal fruit. It is surely one of the much awaited things in winter here.

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So, here we come your way!

You keep on roaming to find a light-stuffed zipper and hoodie

Where the rest of Pakistanis are getting wrapped up in layers and layers of clothes, Karachiites are still fighting against the dilemma of wearing sweaters or not. But as the market is overloaded with the stylish zippers and hoodies, who controls over the appetite. And the money goes wasted!


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Even the roadside vendors get in action.

You’re still really waiting for the winter but it is gone before you know it

It’s only Karachi Walay who can merely relate to it. When it is just the time you embrace and get used to the wintery things, it takes the final farewell and says Good Bye!


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Bye, Bye, Bitches!

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