Cool facts about Mani and Hira (something cool coming soon)

Salman Saqib Sheikh aka MANI and Hira Salman

Majid from Comics By Majid and Rushan Riaz from team Raddi Paper tried long to get a meeting done with Salman Saqib Sheikh aka Mani from “Sab set hai”.

Finally due to Mrs. Hira Salman we finally got an appointment with Mani and Hira. The warm welcome we received is something we will never forget. Their casual attire and informal attitude made us comfortable and we felt like they are our cousins.


Here we are not going to reveal the complete interview as it will be uploaded soon on facebook pages of Comics By Majid and Raddi Paper.

He revealed about his famous controversy with Dr. Noman Niaz and Rashid Latif. Most interestingly he revealed what led to the breakup of the famous duo of Mani Azfar .

They are coming back together really soon and we will be coming back with more about them in the upcoming video.


Hira opened up about being a mother and how it affected her career, how she met her husband and how she stepped in showbiz after getting married.  Apart from that we were served Gajar Halwa made by Hira. It was so delicious even I asked her to pack a bit for me.



She even revealed if she wanna sing in the upcoming future or not. Well there’s so much to know about them and we will be coming back to you with everything. Keep visiting Raddi Paper and Comics By Majid.

Till then have a look at Mani stretching his biceps.



Ignore my swollen face I know I gained weight but I will soon reveal my transformation like Amir Khan.


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