From Vital Signs till date- You were the icon of generations!

Death is the saddest reality but every time it occurs, especially to people we love, it causes desolation and pain. This time it is our beloved Junaid Jamshed. With trembling hands,moist eyes and a shaken soul, I want to pay homage to the person who signified deep love for Pakistan and even deepest love for Islam;

Thank You for giving us Dil Dil Pakistan

This song is an emblem of pride and solidarity for our country. We have grown up singing it, every time this song plays, it stimulates the patriotic passion. It gives us our identity, and for as long as we live this shall serve it’s purpose

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Thank You for portraying deep loving for Islam

Your love for religion was inspirational. We are sure Allah too loved you dearly hence the religious enlightenment. You retreated from your hard earned success as a musician and devoted yourself to the Divine cause and the results speak for themselves.

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Thank You for your exemplary courage

There have been multiple times when you were targeted  for what you are, and you confidently fought all oddities.You never deterred from your cause, and made a come back with greater zeal and vigor and continued to serve Al Mighty.

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Thank You for being a symbol of humanity

You were a great human, and it is a common knowledge how you steered your generous heart towards charitable causes. It was your humble belief that all material wealth is bestowed upon you by Allah and so should be spent on His creations. Your folks vouch on your selflessness, modesty and humbleness.

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tablighi jamaat

Thank You for being an idol for generations

Finally, thank you for inspiring generations. People from all walks of life connected with you, aspired you and got inspired by you.

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You are and shall always remain our national pride



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