RAEES Trailer – The honest review by Majid Khan


The trailer of most awaited Shahrukh and Mahira starrer movie RAEES is out just a few hours ago. Raees already got a lot of buzz because of the indo-pak controversies. We were not sure whats gonna happen as there were a lot of rumors about Mahira being replaced and movie being shot in secret places blah blah blah.

Anyway here I am going to present my honest views about the trailer.


The trailer started with two kashtis exchanging stuff in the middle of the sea which kinda looked like Kalri Jheel to me.


The next moment we were shown some people destroying sharaab bottles. This scene reminded me of KMC people killing stray dogs, the DHA police taking the chairs and tables of restaurants and Sheeshas being destroyed by DHA.


Obviously how can a movie complete without a guy shown as imaandaar police officer. This time the role is given to Nawazuddin.


Finally after credits to Red Chillie and blah blah people we were given the first glimpse of Shahrukh Khan. The same beard he had in Happy New Year, Dilwale and Dear Zindagi. But this time he gave a surma shower to his eyes. 4-4


Surprised to see Mahira but I was more surprised because of the screen time she is given in the trailer. If you have seen the trailer of “XXX – Return of Xander Cage” you will understand what I mean. Deepika was given just like 1 or 1.5 seconds of time in the whole trailer.

Honestly, she looks stunning.


A few scene looked like a shadi scenario from any Hum Tv serial.


They even look cute together on bike


I don’t know when my Mawra will call me BATTERY SALA.


The scene where SRK is carrying Mahira in his arms is actually kinda adorable. But still I am afraid many fatwa boys will start bashing her.


SRK then shown as a badass smuggler flying kite.


That surma is eventually becoming irritating.


Now there’s something that will remind you of Rohit Shetty. SRK is seen firing a bullet which killed two men. This actually reminded me of an era from my childhood when pathans used to roam carrying a board full of balloons and a shot gun. They had an offer that they will gift us a watch or radio or walkman or something like that if we shot 2 balloons with one bullet. SRK would haved aced that challenge.


Now this scene is gonna give us major fits specially deobandis (including me)


This scene looked totally copied from Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.


I almost got a heart attack when I saw this kamar as I thought its Mahira Khan. I was like NO NO NO Mahira you are so damn cute you shouldn’t be doing it.


Phew its Sunny Leone. I am her great fan I watch her movies daily.


Anyway that was pretty much it. Here’s the link to the actual trailer.


Dear Mahira, Everything written here is pure humor and we don’t mean any disrespect toward you. Best of luck for this project.

Here’s the actual trailer.


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