From Hunger Strike to Death: Another Effort for a Better Pakistan Met Death

Almost a week ago, it was just another regular tragic news of children getting orphaned and the woman widowed in Karachi, Pakistan. Lutf-e-Amim Shibli; a labor leader, an activist, and most of all a Pakistani, who gave in to the death after struggling a while for his life in the ICU of Agha Khan Hospital. Neither it was a consequence of an accident, a terrorist’s attack, nor a bomb blast but the poison which he took himself. After a hunger strike of a month in front of Press Club, Karachi, he committed suicide. Why did he do this? Was that the only option he left with? Was that the utmost a person can do for his country? His son, a businessman on the other hand, tried to answer all such questions through a social media platform attaching the suicidal note of his father to it.

Like every game where one person always has to accept and surrender against his defeat, it was a son’s turn this time. He lost his father, which is a massive and unparalleled loss for him as well as the concerns.

Is Shibli’s attempt to suicide bravery? Is it the first step towards a better and corruption-free Pakistan?

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