Motivation is the reason why people act or behave in a certain way. It is a very powerful thing which can make you do things both good or bad. Here are a couple thoughts I’d like to share with you:

1) Your ordeals develop your indefatigable part.


The trials and tribulations we face in this life develop and create the most unbeatable character in us which makes every single hardship peculiar and habitual. Who doesn’t have difficult time or phase of life? I can bet dollars on this that there is no one on this globe who hasn’t faced any calamity or always been on the seventh heaven.

Ups and downs are the part and parcel of our life. An essential part is challenging them courageously and mitigating the severity. Remember you lose when your spiritual power fades out. Never your potential let the bottleneck to your confidence and your self-satisfied smirk. An ideal or role model is full of spirituality, patience and selfless deeds which boost up the morale of his disciples to follow the same path. Ordeals and hardships were never meant to discourage or disappoint us in fact they serve as the best tool of knowing unknown in yourself.

2) Practice, the fundamental tenet to overcome!


Homo sapiens are impatient and need more understanding of acquiring something through practice and endless effort. Our paradigms are epitomes for tackling and coming over their trifles only through practice. The most immature way of planning to achieve your goal is without determination and hard work. A born baby initially crawls and then his practice leads him to walk and run. If he is taught to run instead of crawl he will never learn to either run or crawl. Perfection only comes by struggling and being persistent. Your unyielding and zealous behavior opens uncountable doors of opportunities which will be the source of coming over your difficulties million of times.



Written by: Ariba Pervaiz

Sadaf Alvi

Sadaf Iqbal Alvi is a freelance writer based in Pakistan. She is a final year medical student and a contributor to Raddi Paper. Her personal interests include higher education, reading, writing and cooking. She is active on social media and can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TheGrumpyDoctor or you can email her

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