5 ‘Proud’ moments that Ammi, Abbu don’t understand!

In life , come many moments that put a feather in one’s cap , concisely proud moments. Now those feathers, strictly, belong to your cap only and in no manner will they influence or impress the two humans who gave you birth; you call them Ammi and Abbu.

These successes are beyond the understanding of our parents, and the more you explain the more fool you make of yourself as you will fail to reason with them.

Facebook Likes

Now even if you don’t openly concur to it, deep down inside your heart you know this one thing is the lifeblood of every Facebook-er. If it’s the first thing you check after waking up and while rubbing off the remains of sleep then admit it these Likes are an idée fixe! And then why won’t you be on cloud nine if the like score keeps escalating, pride is bound to hit you. After all it’s your photo or your words of wisdom in a status. Carrying the same zeal you run to your parents to share the joy. But two questions always confuse you; what to tell them exactly and how to explain it’s worth!

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9GAG Votes

Similar is the story with 9Gag, it has emerged to be another addiction and a platform where daydreamers, dream achievers, non-dreamers and people from all walks of life can demonstrate their acumen, share general knowledge and be acknowledged. The feeling of getting an upvote equates to the happiness in receiving a literary award of the highest degree. When it’s time to share it with your parents questions such as; “What is 9gag?” “Why people use it?” “It only has pictures??” “Dear internet is full of crap, try to indulge in healthy activities.” might be thrown at you, and their deflates the balloon of joy and glee!

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Candy Crush Levels

Once upon a time they invented this game and got more than half the world addicted to it! It’s similar to a bad drug that interferes with the working of a sound mind; washrooms, cupboards, classrooms, under quilts, while driving, in class, office, you just name it, the drug fiends are spotted everywhere possible. And going up and up the levels is big of a deal! The dilemma of explaining it to your parents gets uber challenging in this case, because  it is a ‘game’ played on a “mobile, tablet etc’ which is perceived as a ‘waste’. So you have to break so many taboos to prove its healthiness. But a word of caution, be prepared  for some serious disappointment.

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Known for humor

If you are the reason why  people in your company go guffawing or  if you think part of your soul belongs to Charlie Chaplin, mainly owing to the appreciation you get for your humor then you are more than welcome to be proud of that. But how will you convey this merriment to your parents? Ever been in the spot? Well to them it may sound absurd that people liken you with comedians. You will find them telling you how inappropriate it is for you to have a non serious reputation. Ouch!

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Being Cool

Own a guitar, or those ripped jeans, or have dyed your hair blue, or have piercings at the most bizarre places?Oh you are cool and you know it, you are cool and your friends know it too! People aspire your aesthetics, they commend you for your taste and it elates you to the seventh heaven. Now there is no such word as ‘cool’ in most parent’s dictionary. In fact most of the times the cool quotient in you drives them up the wall and you are asked to get rid of it!


Well, only a parent can understand a parent’s swag!


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