The SWAG of Madni boys and the reaction of Deobandis


Well the deobandis and barelvis have their differences since long. The difference are on peak during Rabi-ul-Awwal. Well despite of all the disagreements I have, I really respect Ilyas Qadri sahab. And I think majority of people from Deoband also respect him. But due to individual act of some of the people the whole madni boys are made fun of .

Lets have a look at how people are reacting


1 – I have absolutely no idea who he is

2 – Yes even I saw that video in which a topless baba ji was cutting cake

3 – Obviously no once beat the Madni Butto

4 – I told you we do love you

5 – Believe me the beat is like Dhichik Dhichik

6 – Display of rockets and tayyaras are integral to the celebrations

7 – This one was something new

8 – This bike is the new SWAG

9 – Ho Ho Ho

10 – With the usual dhichik dhichik beat

11 – Creativity at its finest level

12 – The tweets of Pakistani Arnold are always awesome

13 – When someone said he is going to quit masturbating

14 – Aemun please marry me and bless my life

15 – MashaAllah sister

16 – Finally the Madni Tree

Well we shouldn’t be hating each other. The way friends make fun of each other with tolerance even Madni boys should laugh at our jokes. This brings us close together.


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