Please ‘Media’ (of all kinds) spare the dead, at least!

So when I stumbled upon this news, very naturally it aroused bias and displeasure for the deceased in me, just the same way it would have affected many. Honestly speaking for a micro second my mind was enveloped with disgust and contempt. Since when have fun and immorality become parallel?

Yes they are not alike neither can they both go hand in hand without any repercussions.

But such is the impact of negative print media or any medium through which dissemination of news and information takes place. One is forced to get downbeat.

Now let’s close our eyes and in our minds imagine a household where the news of death reaches, a family who loses a beloved, whatever the cause be. Perhaps  many of you have had such an experience but many of us are still oblivious to the unendurable ordeal and grief the family experiences.

It all starts with a phone call or maybe a doorbell which is casually attended by a member (who let’s assume is either of the parent) of the household. At that very moment his thoughts revolve around the daily grind or maybe about his plans henceforth, in short his usual thought process. He is absolutely unaware that what lies ahead will blanch his life.

From here on I will continue this imagination, case wise.

Upon greeting he is informed of the sad demise of his child. At hearing this the sound working of his mind is interrupted , it takes a second or two to register the news, while his inner self still denying even the vague possibility of the emerging fear being materialized and automatically the denial takes form of words;

“How?”,  “Not possible”,  “We just spoke”,  “Can’t be true!”

There on begins a journey of inexpressible misery and helplessness. As if the sun would never dawn upon their world, as if the moon has lost it’s light, as if the stars will never shine, as if flowers have lost their color as if mountains have exploded and pelted down upon them. Such is the sorrow and in this moment of devastation they are alone, all alone.

Soon comes the time when they have to see their beloved one for the last time before a final good bye, this time a cold blooded body. Still, breathless and lifeless. Upon his glimpse they reminisce the days from past and the very first memories; from birth till date. With whatever remains of their mind they recollect the dreams that were once their treasure. The jest of whose was eternal bliss for their born. Just in a blink it all washes away, with the soul less exterior of their child lying in front of them.

It doesn’t end there, the desolation is there to stay for long, after all a part of them just died.

And just when they are amidst the melancholia,  MEDIA takes it’s toll on their agony!


I fail to fathom the motive behind this. Is it to stimulate ratings, to defame the particular institution or the departed? May whatever be the reason but this defaming, at least prior to verification, is detrimental for all the recipients of this news who can be anybody of any age from any walk of life and you never know the imprint it forms on minds.

Please it’s an earnest request to start respecting the dead and the death. It comes uninvited and can take any shape and form. Do not spread hate speech immediately the next moment someone dies, do not spread false rumors, do not scandalize everything. You have no right to mutilate anyone’s privacy. Please don’t spread hatred as it is contagious. We are already a hate loving nation, please don’t make it easier for us to hate, as is already.


A Professional accountant turned happy n content-mother who catches well whatever good life throws at her while dodging away the nonsense

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