Struggles of Being a Student in Pakistan

Are you a student enrolled in Pakistani educational institutions? If yes, you will understand what I’m talking about. There are some peculiar struggles that only a Pakistani student faces during his/her educational life.. Struggles you & I can relate to.


It has always been there. And I am no way arguing its need. It should be there and it always has been. But homework.. what is it supposed to be for? I would say it is some task you’re assigned to in order to polish all those skills that you learn at school. Can you explain me the point behind how copying my textbook to my notebook can polish my knowledge of the subject or help me in any way?

2-Entering the class:

Now out of all the teachers I have met in my life, each one has his/her own ‘rules’ governing our manners. There’s this teacher of mine who would like shot you if you enter the class without asking for permission. There’s this another teacher of mine who believes that we ain’t no toddlers and don’t need any permission as it serves to nothing, but disturbing the teacher’s momentum. So there’s always a probability of being bashed at for doing nothing if you opt for either of the two cases while entering the class.

3-Teachers’ favorite dialogue:

no matter where you got your schooling from, you must have heard your teacher say bhool gaye? Bhool kese gaye? Khana khana ya sona bhooltey ho kabhi? when you forget something. Dear teachers, the fact is that eating & sleeping are the more important parts of our daily lives than whatever task you assigned to us. Human mind is more probable to forget what it does not want to remember. So yeah.

4-Career counseling..

What career counseling? When it comes to choosing for a career, there are very few families that let their kids live their dreams. And to be very honest, a lot of us don’t have dreams at all. How is a person supposed to know his interest if all he’s taught all his life is science that he hates to death by the time he reaches his 12th grade?

It is like you’re not allowed to interact with the opposite gender all your life and then when the time finally comes that you get married & start a family, you are faced with this question that beta koe pasand hai to hamein batado? Really? You serious, dude?

The case is same here. If your parents are generous enough to let you opt your field even, there are little chances that you’re making the right decision.


if you’re a science student, you will understand this. You’ll understand what it is like to ‘cram’ the readings when even the activity’s name suggests ‘performance’.

I mean, depending on our schools & board of examinations, the views might vary about performing the practicals in finals, but is there anyone to argue the fact that apparatus do so saal porana houta hai?

6-You just don’t understand:

there is little application of what we are taught. I mean, I’m sure there are a lot of applications of the subjects that we study, but little do we know. Little are we taught about how to bring our knowledge in dealing with real life problems because all that matters to them & to us is.. grades.

7-You’re never too sure:

This one is my favorite!

You see, when you are at home and do something wrong, your mom asks you this question that

“tumhein school bhejnay ka kia faida? School walon ne tumhe kuch sikhaya nahi?”

Likewise, when you’re at school and do something wrong, your teacher asks ami abu ne kuch tameez nahi sikhae?

Ok, guys, can you both parties please decide that between yourselves please?

8-You can’t question:

You might agree or disagree. But what I believe is that what you are told to believe and support. There should be a strong foundation of that imbedded in your heart, your soul. The only thing about Pakistan studies and Islamiyat that attracts students is yaar number ache ajatey hain and that’s all. Little are our teachers trained to face controversial questions and it serves to nothing, but doubts in young minds. Please, don’t ask me why I hate India so much when all I’m taught since my childhood is hinduon ne hum par bohot zulm kia. Don’t ask me why my imaan is so weak when all you tell me about Islam is beta sawal nahi karte.

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