27 December 2007 – What people suffered

27th of December 2007

We all know what happened this black day of 27 December in 2007. The iconic leader Benazir Bhutto was shot. Here we are not gonna focus on the life of Benazir and Zardari etc. Here we will only see what common people like me suffered that day. 

Those who suffered loss can never forget what they faced that day. 


A thread was started by Mahwash Ajaz on twitter which invited people to write about their suffering. Here are the results


Kids were actually happy

The most sensible statement

It was shaadi season

Well I am happy for this girl. At least she was safe inside a hospital

I know how it feels Hammad its a long way even in a car


Lastly I am coming toward my contribution in this thread. I was a new student of CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) where I got my first girlfriend. We went on a date by bus G-19 (seriously). I was really ghareeb those days and used to provide tuition. The Pizza Hut used to be the best those days. So after getting my tuition fee on 25th I kept all the money safe for this date. Pizza Hut was at University Road near Usmania. While eating the waiter informed about Benazir and within minutes everything was a mess. I had to walk her home to Gulistan-e-Johar. That is how our parents found out about us and for 3 days I was constantly tortured at my home. 




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