Stupid Bollywood movie of 90s – SIRF TUM

Last night me and my partner Rushan were discussing some of our memories. 90s era have given us incredible memories. The kids of 90s have seen some of the really weird things.Specially movie .


Movies used to be quite different those days. Suniel Shetty, Ajay Devgan, Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor type of heroes were on peak along with King Khan. Music was also really different back then. While talking we reached a movie we have seen in our childhood.


via: boxTV
via: boxTV

The movie had no big names. Starring Sanjay Kapoor, Priya Gill and Sushmita Sen the movie was a commercial success of its time. When me and Rushan started discussing it we found out that we both have seen that movie when we were young. Further discussion and research revealed that a number of our other friends have also seen SIRF TUM. Not just seen that movie but actually watched it with TAFSEEL. 

Coming toward the plot.

It was released in 1999 so we may miss a few facts here as we were quite young but still we will definitely remind you of the stupidity shown in it. 

Deepak (Sanjay Kapoor) found a bag in a local train which contains educational certificates of Aaarti (Priya Gill). He sent it back to her via post. Now both started talking to each other via letters due to long distance.

Wait Wait Wait. Now people don’t even reply me in a group chat and they started talking on letters just because he returned her purse? I once saw a girl at Gloria who left her purse at the table. I picked it up to giver her back and she thought I was trying to steal it. 


Anyway the long letters became routine and they fell in love over letters. . . Seriously? Without even  looking at each other? Really? 

via: youtube
via: youtube


Even when Deepak asked for a pic in a song saying “APNI IK TASVEER LIFAFAY MEIN RAKH KAR BHIJWA DO” she replied “MAIN KHUD MILNAY AAUNGI KUCH DIN DIL KO SAMJHA DO”

She even made a sweater for him with a “DIA” crafted on it and sent it to him. The dia looked like a logo of Peela School.

via: youtube
via: youtube

Aarti came to Delhi to meet Deepak. In the meanwhile Neha (Sushmita Sen), who was the boss of Deepak, fell in love with him and tried to woo him. We were blesses with the blockbuster song of that era 

Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar haaannnn Dilbar Dilbar

via: shaanig
via: shaanig

Still the hottie of that era failed to woo Deepak as he was completely in love with the unseen girl from across the province. Another bull shit. If I was wooed by someone hot and rich like that I would have even asked my girlfriend to let me go. 

via: youtube
via: youtube

Deepak rejected her love, left his job and started driving a Rickshaw. Okay I would say Allah aisa din kisi ko naa dikhaye. He was living in some sort of Juggi. 

Aarti came to Delhi looking for him and hired Deepak’s rickshaw. Bravo. What a coincidence. Well they never saw each other so were unable to recognize. Deepak was wearing the same sweater but inside his shirt. 

Finally after dropping her at the train station he removed his shirt due to rain and at that moment Aarti saw that Dia crafted. She came running toward him and hugged him.

via: bollywood ish log
via: bollywood ish log

The End.

This was the level of stupidity shown in the movie. Yet a lot of people enjoyed it that time (including me).

We will be coming back with more analysis on a lot of movies full of stupidity. Don’t forget to provide us with suggestion about movies. 


I would also like to apologize for the long post. Here’s a song from Sirf Tum to cheer you up

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