HB (Hamdam) in collaboration with Alamgir Trust


We have announced a couple of times about Hamdam’s initiative to work for the underprivileged students. HB announced and invited the charities to join hands with them as they are willing to provide free stationary (conditions applied) for the underprivileged.

The start of campaign

First HB was approached by Al Furqan Foundation and The social bond school where free stationary was provided by Hamdam in huge quantities.

Campaign with The citizens foundation – IoBM Chapter

The TCF is a great organization


Recently Hamdam participated with Alamgir Trust in the campaign to promote education for the underprivileged. Alamgir Trust invited the students of Suffa Academy from Mansehra to Karachi. Gift hampers with the finest quality stationary were provided by Hamdam Paper Products Pakistan to the students.

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Hamdam would still like to invite all the organizations providing free educations to join hands. Free stationary will be provided to students. The stationary is imported from Indonesia and is of finest quality. This is being done just to provide the underprivileged with finest quality products.


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