Oye Kuch Kar Guzar – The honest review of Pakistan’s first online movie


For the first time in Pakistan a bold step is taken and a brand released an online movie. The name is quite unique and the cast is impressive.



Uzair Jaswal and Ali Safina are already the heart throb of girls.

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Well what can I say about Ushna Shah. I have a big big big crush on her.

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While the plot of the movie is really unconventional and something to attract the youth of our country. You can even guess from the title that this movie is actually motivating our generation to listen to their hearts.

Shamsher Iqbal aka Sherry (Ali Safina) is the son of a mechanic but wants to be a Rockstar. His best friend Jango (Uzair Jaswal) motivates him and both decided to try their luck in a music competition.

On their journey they meet the beautiful Zara Hayat Khan aka Xara (Ushna Shah) and Sherry fell in love with her. They are also accompanied by pure lucknow type of lady Shabnam Mushtaq Chaudhry who is a nice addition to the movie.


The movie shows how the life of four people completely takes a turn after meeting in a train. The encounter with bad people near Dadu and the kidnapping. . . Opps. Obviously you will have to watch the movie to know what actually happened  😉

The story, direction, locations and music is impressive. Amazing thing is that for the first time in Pakistan we are provided with alternate ending if we do not like the scenario we saw.

I hope you remember what happened with the last episode of How I Met Your Mother. So maybe the writer here wanted to avoid that kind of feedback so provided the audience with alternate endings. This is indeed a great development and this movie got the first mover advantage in this regard.

Best part is that you can totally relate to the story and characters. The dialogues are simple yet memorable.

Obviously the movie may not satisfy a number of people. That is because unconventional things are usually no appreciated at first. But this is indeed a brave step to set a new trend.

Oh wait I forgot to tell you about the most important part. The Mankind Angel Taher Shah got a cameo in this movie.

via: zumvo tv
via: zumvo tv

The guy narrating the story is a bit irritating but the rest seems to be okay.


Anyway, enjoy the movie and don’t forget to provide us with your valuable feedback.


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