Ahsan Khan – A philanthropist off screen


Ahsan Khan is a great name when it comes to Pakistani electronic media. We have seen him performing a number of memorable roles. Recently his serial UDAARI in 2016 highlighted the issue of child abuse. His role as a molester raised many questions and he was even bashed by a number of personalities.


Anyway here we are about to discuss his different side. Off screen Ahsan Khan is a widely known philanthropist. His social activities are immense and his contribution is valuable.

Let’s have a look at a few of his activities

He spent his new year with special kids rather than a concert



Acknowledged by Instep for his voluntary services

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Running the campaign to stop violence against women


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There’s no shame in eating with the underprivileged

"Tum se Kisi ki umeed wabasta Hona Allah ki naimat hai" hazrat Ali ! #sharingiscaring#feed#spreadgoodness#happy#people

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Working for the deprived children of Pakistan

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The white knight


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I can go on writing about his work and it will take really long. During the live session with Majid and Rushan of team Comics By Majid, Ahsan stated that he want to contribute toward the society as he considers this his social responsibility. 


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