Funniest Things Taught In A Pakistani Madrisa

Madrisa is (supposed to be) a place where basic Islamic teachings and Qura’n is taught to children. Unfortunately, in our country madrisa is more of a factory which is producing illiterate people who do nothing but hold grudges against people from other sects and religions.

These kind of things happen when you send your intelligent kids to med schools or engineering universities and the dumbest kid is sent to a madrisa to become a Hafiz, Imam masjid or alim e deen.

Being a Muslim it is very tough to defend yourself when these so called religious figures preach hatred and bias against other human beings and tell you dumb stories in the name of Shariat. It’s 2016, the era of Twitter and Facebook, and all their non-sense becomes a trending topic in no time.

I was going through my Twitter timeline when I saw these tweets. And no wonder, I can relate to most of them. These are exactly the teachings of Mullahs (NOT ISLAM). Just read them, have a good laugh and then think how we’ve made our religion a joke.



Today, when Islam is on the hit list of every troll, we have to ask ourselves this question; Who should we follow? Quran (the source of all knowledge) or a Mullah?


Irshad Malik

Irshad Malik is a freelance journalist and a writer. She's a contributor to Raddi Paper. She tweets @ExmatBukhari

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