How Indian Twitter Reacted To Om Puri’s Death News

Om Prakesh Puri, commonly known as Om Puri was an Indian Actor born on October 18, 1950. He was one of the purest and finest soul produced by the Sub continent’s film industry. On January 6th 2017 (today) Om Puri passed away suffering a heart attack at age of 66.

Om puri was a legend. And not only because of his matchless acting skills but because of his beautiful heart. He always talked about peace between India and Pakistan. He wasn’t a warmonger and a hate preacher even when had to face criticism and lots of hatred because of his stance on peace between India and Pakistan.

While the whole world is sad at his fortunate death, some Indians were found rejoicing.

Here’s how Indian twitter reacted to his death:




This guy thinks he’s standing on a higher moral ground than those who’re rejoicing. So here he goes:

He thinks Om should be hanged even after his death because he was a traitor:

According to these tweeps, he shouldn’t be mourned after his death because his sympathies were with Pakistan:


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