An interview with a social media activist – Hanzala Tayyab

Though I’ve known Hanzala for quite a while now but we never got to meet in person. Yesterday, we walked into each other at a restaurant and I got to talk to him. Hanzala and I don’t share the same ideology or thoughts but I found him a very decent person. We talked about social media (being his specialty) protests, campaigns.

Here I’m gonna share our talk for his fans. The talk/interview has been edited for clarity.

Q: How about a formal introduction Hanzala?

And: (laughs) Well, I am Hanzala Tayyab, a reasonably known social media entity in Pakistan. I am the Founder of the Largest trending group on Twitter which is known as Pak Trending Group.

Q: What are you working for? Your concentrations?

Ans: My concentrations have always focused upon highlighting the issues that our society faces. Issues that need a solution. Issues that need to be resolved for a more progressive development of the society.

Q: What inspired you?

Ans: Well, people have often asked me about my inspiration to join this field. To be frankly and realistically honest, it was my own urge to develop a specified arena where we can portray our image to the world in a more reliable manner. I believe in the power of social media. I believe that Twitter is a defining platform when it comes to raising your voice and making your concerns highlighted so that they may get appreciable response.

Q: What motivated you?

Ans: My main motivation was to develop the thinking to reinvent the mindsets in our society that where there is injustice and tyranny there can never be freedom, freedom of thought, freedom to depict your ideas, we reinvented our ideas so that our Youth can move positively ahead with a vision and clarity of mind. Today ,I am proud to say that Pak Trending Group is the largest and most influential Twitter force in Pakistan with its branches stretched across the globe.

Q: How was your experience?

Ans: The Journey has never been easy. It has been equipped with hurdles, life threats and a lot more. A firm belief in my vision and trust on Allah made me overcome these hurdles. I have promised myself that whatever happens, I will not stop my will and dedication for my cause.

You guys can connect with Hanzala on Facebook and Twitter.

Sadaf Alvi

Sadaf Iqbal Alvi is a freelance writer based in Pakistan. She is a final year medical student and a contributor to Raddi Paper. Her personal interests include higher education, reading, writing and cooking. She is active on social media and can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TheGrumpyDoctor or you can email her

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