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During my childhood, I grew up listening to different stories about Shia Islam. As a youth, I had a very horrible image of Shia Muslims in my mind. I was even reluctant to call them Muslims because of all the lies I was told about them.

In my hostel life, I shared my room with a Shia girl. I learned a lot from her and day after day, all the misconceptions about their faith were cleared to me and I realized that I was totally wrong about them.

Today, I saw a guy on my Facebook TL commenting offensive stuff about Shias. That’s what made me write on this topic. Being a Shia hater (because of mere ignorance) I think I can share a thing or two that may help you all. Last year, a lady shared her experience on Twitter and I’d just borrow her words to tell you what I learned from living with Shias.

Here you go:






Irshad Malik

Irshad Malik is a freelance journalist and a writer. She's a contributor to Raddi Paper. She tweets @ExmatBukhari

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