On The Missing Activists In Pakistan. The Second Opinion

This whole Recover Missing Activists social media campaign started after Salman Haider went missing from Bani Gala. But mostly liberal and secular activist were tweeting against his abduction and demanding his recovery.

After his abduction, many other activists went missing and it gave raise to many suspicions. Some say that agencies are behind this, others claimed that they are were abducted for speaking against the HR violation in Balochistan. The secular activists are still demanding an inquiry and immediate recovery of missing Pakistani activists.

Civil society ( a group of liberal/secular progressive Pakistanis) arranged some protests too.

They are they advocates of freedom of speech.

And we all agree to this. No one should be abducted for their personal views. But there’s one whole other side to this all picture. Apart from Prof. Salman Haider, well known blasphemers like Bhensa are also ‘abducted’. (Ask me, I believe they’ve deactivated their accounts out of fear or attention). Now this divided the way social media activists’ reaction and sympathies.

A huge number of people seem quite happy about Bhensa’s abduction and banning of the blasphemous content on social sites. They are of the view that even free speech is not absolute and no one should be allowed to disrespect holy personalities of any religion or God.

I totally understand the religious sentiments of these people who don’t want people like Zalan and Bhensa go unpunished. But at the same time I don’t call for their beheading. I want them to face some penalty for hate speech so that it may set an example for the others.

Now here comes another group of activists. I call them totally crazy lunatics. They are judging people on basis of their skin colors. And they want them dead just because of their liberal or secular beliefs. Just because of difference of opinion.

And there are some moderate conservatives who are demanding their safe recovery with a ‘but’ and their are seculars who are replying to their ‘ifs and buts’. Exhibit A



And I’d close the topic on a seemingly funny reply to all those who are blaming it on army.


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Irshad Malik

Irshad Malik is a freelance journalist and a writer. She's a contributor to Raddi Paper. She tweets @ExmatBukhari

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