Bhensa Finally Caught – And NO HE WAS NOT THE ONE YOU ACCUSED

For almost a couple weeks now, a debate on the missing bloggers is going on social media. We’re seeing campaigns in favour of those activists and against those activists. One of the missing activists is Bhensaa. Well if you ask my opinion, he wasn’t even a blogger or an activist. Bhensa was an abusive troll, a hate monger and a blasphemer. Being a Muslim I can’t and I won’t even share the screenshots of his ‘activism’.

15894811_212693955857169_2671848961262027279_nFor so long, people have been blaming Salman Haider for being Bhensa. And for so many reasons, I refused to believe that Salman can be Bhensa. For the most evident one, Bhensaa had been tweeting for 2 days after Salman’s abduction. So, Salman can’t be him.

So who was Bhensa then?

Just a couple days back, a guy named Abdullah appeared in a TV show with Jibran Nasir. He told Orya Maqbool Jan, the show of the host, that his first cousin Waqas Goraya (who is a missing activist) was the admin of Bhensaa page. He was also running other blasphemous pages on Facebook naming Mochi.

Here’s the link to the show where Abdullah is mentioning Waqas’ ‘activism’.



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